Mahottari Schools

Mahottari: Schools closed to avoid cold

Because of the dangerously low temperatures, the local levels in the Mahottari district have started closing the schools.

The chilly conditions that have persisted across the district since Monday morning prompted nine of the district’s local levels to issue notices that schools will be closed for between four and eight days.

Mahottari: Schools closed to avoid cold

It was decided by the Jaleshwor Municipality, Pipara Rural Municipality, and Samsi Rural Municipality to close the schools for a week beginning today.

Along the same lines, the municipalities of Matihani, Bhangaha, Loharpatti, Aurahi, and Balwa, as well as Sonma Rural Municipality, have all informed the public that schools will be closed for the next four days.

Both Manrashishwa and Ramgopalpur made the decision earlier on Sunday to close the local schools for the next five days.

11 of the 15 local levels have already issued notices informing their constituents that the winter break will begin soon.

The decisions to close schools because of the extreme cold have been announced in the notices that have been distributed by the local governments.

Despite the fact that four local levels have not made a decision regarding the closure of the school, the number of students who are attending class has significantly decreased.

The residents of the central and southern belt of the district have reported that a cold wave and fog have made life difficult for those living there.

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