Mckenzie Gee was killed in a car crash

Mckenzie Gee was killed in a car crash

On Thursday afternoon, a woman driving on the Creek Turnpike in Jenks lost control of her vehicle and crashed through a fence. The car then collided with a house, sparking a fire. McKenzie Gee, 29, of Sapulpa, Oklahoma, was pronounced dead at the scene.

What happened to McKenzie Gee?

Mckenzie Gee, 29, was driving on the Creek Turnpike near U.S. 75 when her vehicle veered off the road. Gee’s car smashed through a fence and into a house nearby. The impact of the crash ignited the car, burning Gee beyond recognition. Unfortunately, she died at the scene. Fortunately, no one in the house was hurt. However, the fire caused significant damage to the house.

What caused McKenzie Gee’s death?

Mckenzie Gee, 29, was driving west on the Creek Turnpike, just west of US 75 in Jenks, when she left the road, drove through a turnpike fence, and continued until she hit a house, according to troopers. Christian Flowers, a neighbor, said police officers knocked on his door to inform him that the house next door was on fire. “I just heard a loud boom, and a minute or so later, there’s a couple cops knocking on our door, telling us our next-door neighbor’s house is on fire,” Flowers explained.

It’s unclear what drove Gee off the road and through the fence. The investigation is still going on.

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