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Morgan Freeman revisits the memory of traveling to Nepal

Morgan Freeman revisits the memory of Visiting Nepal with a Twitter post dressed up in Nepali attire and having fun in the Traditional Ping (swing).

Freeman used Twitter to post about how grateful he was to visit Nepal and have a warm welcome from the people here.

Morgan Freeman Tweets:

Elevating spirit above our basic tendencies is both metaphorical and literal for the Nepalis during the two week celebration of #Dashain.

He also added:

I’ll never forget my travels to Kathmandu during the filming of the #StoryofGod, and the kindness that I was shown when fully immersing myself in the traditions of Dashain! #RevelationsEntertainment #RevEnt

The veteran Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman was in Kathmandu for a visit and for a shoot of his spiritual show ‘The Story of God. In December 2018, the American Embassy made public a photograph of Freeman wearing the national dress of Nepal, the Daura Suruwal, while walking in the heart of Kathmandu.

Morgan Freeman Having fun in Nepali Traditional Swing.
Photo: Morgan Freeman Having fun in Nepali Traditional Swing/ Twitter

Here’s the Twitter post he made on the upcoming occasion of Nepal’s Signature Festival ‘Dashain’.

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