Common Minimum Program

Nepal Govt to finalize Common Minimum Program by Friday

Rabi Lamichhane, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior stated that the government’s Common Minimum Program (CMP) is currently undergoing its final stages of development, with the aim of providing citizens with straightforward and efficient services.

Nepal Govt to finalize Common Minimum Program

Speaking to the media at Singha Durbar, DPM Lamichhane revealed that ruling coalition partners will also hold discussions on the matter today, and the program’s ultimate form would be determined.

He opined, “In this regard, leaders of the ruling coalition partner are meeting today. We have reached the end of the process. We anticipate completing the document by tomorrow.”

The DPM stated that the government’s common minimum program would be announced in the near future.

He noted that the focus of the common minimum program has been on facilitating the delivery of government services, distributing chemical fertilizer to farmers, enhancing the youth employment program, and implementing various policy-level adjustments.

DPM Lamichhane added that the common minimum program has also contained a specific plan for delivering health care and education efficiently, combating corruption, and improving government efficiency.

He revealed that, despite their divergent political ideologies, all members of the ruling coalition share the goal of providing citizens with simple and efficient service.

The ruling coalition partners addressed the government’s agreed minimum programs on Wednesday evening.

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